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About Us

Welcome to Kipmark!

We know you have many choices in the world of promotional products, and we are happy for the chance to earn your business. We also know you don’t have time and money to waste. Kipmark is here to handle your promotional product needs from sample to finished product to dependable shipment in the most seamless way possible. In an industry with many options, our intentions are simple: to create the best experience for our customers with the lowest prices available. Let’s face it, people love free stuff! From customer giveaways to employee appreciation, promotional products are always a good idea for growing companies and for those that want to stay relevant. We offer a wide selection of products and services in order to maximize your experience here at Kipmark.

These are the things most important to us:

Competitive Pricing:
Shop worry-free with our 30 day price guarantee on all products, set-up charges, and printwork.

High quality goods:
We have done the legwork in searching for the best possible products to provide for your browsing pleasure. No one wants a mug with their name on it to crack easily! Or a pen to run out of ink after one use! Quality should matter so that customers can equate your company with something good, something that works. Positive association is the key to accomplishing your promotional goals! Once the right product is selected, we pledge our state of the art printing process to produce a superb final result.

Exceptional customer service:
We set high standards in assisting our customers with everything they will need to have a positive buying experience. Let us help you at every step of the way. In an online business world, where one bad review can sway opinions, we pledge to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. If at any time during your buying process we somehow fall short, don’t let it simmer, let us know so we can fix it! You deserve quick answers and solutions in order to get your products in hand exactly when you need them.

Optimal Art Consultation:
Location is everything, in real estate and promotional products. Kipmark will make sure your name is highlighted in the most advantageous way to maximize the impact of your promotional products. We can help you develop artwork if necessary or give you tips on how to best highlight your logo and artwork. Need help with your artwork? No problem, we can help with that too. Everything you need to create the best bang for your buck can be found within our ordering process.

Ethically sourced products:
We ensure that the products we stock come from factories with responsible practices and in meeting with environmental standards.
At Kipmark we strive to create jobs within our community, while helping other companies grow. We want to help promote your business, getting your name out there with quality products with the lowest cost to you. The goal of our service is for you to increase your visibility and make your marketing dollars work for you. We always appreciate the opportunity to show you what sets Kipmark apart.

Need something? We are here for you.

Whether it's a quotation, or a production question, we would love to chat. Give us a call, or e-mail and we would be happy to help.

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